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wild life
Gavi kallu Gudda - Shanivaarasanthe
Offroading in Gavibetta takes you through the coffee estates, lakes, forest, waterfalls and to the top of Gavi kallu betta. While offroading you can enjoy the panoramic view of Western Ghats. Off-roading at Gavikallu is bumpy and adventurous with big boulders, uneven tracks and we are sure that you will experience an adrenaline rush once you reach the top of Gavi Betta.
wild life
Murkan Gudda & Uddenamaradavaare - Sakleshpur
This trail requires lots more skill to get up to the top. This trail takes you to the top of Uddenamaradavaare. Enjoy the panoramic view of Western Ghats. Get a picture of yourself with the mountain ranges and tea estate behind you.

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