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Quick Facts

Location Bhadra White water Rafting Camp
Rafting Season June to October
Distance from Bangalore 295 KMS
No. of Rapids 6
Rafting Distance 8 KMS
Total time required for the activity 2 Hours
Grade of Rapids Grade III+


Situated 280 kms from Bangalore, 70 kms from Chikmagalur and 50 kms from Kudremukh on the banks of the river Bhadra in unexplored and pristine countryside is our rafting location. Villages, forests and plantations situated on the banks for the river provide excellent location for rafting. The 8 km stretch with grade 3 and 4 rapids on the Bhadra River, which passes through some thick jungles, is fun and exciting to say the least. Located almost equidistant from some of the best hills and wildlife areas in the Western Ghats like Sakleshpur, Kudremukh, Chikmagalur and Charmadi Ghats its an ideal location to have a weekend or short adventure trip with white water rafting, trekking and wildlife sanctuary visits included .The heritage sites of Belur and Halibed and the Karnataka Coast is also not too far.


Distance from Wild wagtail Adventure Camp to Bhadra Rafting camp – 67 KMS

Location Hanbal, Sakleshpur, Hassan District, Karnataka.
Distance from Bangalore 250 KMS
Travel Time 4 Hrs 30 Mins
TRAVEL TIME 4 Hrs 30 Mins
Facilities 2 & 3 Bed Room Cottages, Tented accommodation, Camping, Open party hall, Machan (Dining area)
Activities Campfire, Music, Outdoor games - Archery, Target shooting, volley ball, shuttle cock, Guided Trekking to Hadlu falls ( 6 water falls at different stages), Murkan gudda, kallu gudda etc,.swimming in man made lake, raft building, rope activities, Zip Line
Sight Seeing Manjarabad Fort, Belur, Halebeedu

Activities @ Wild wagtail

Swimming : Take a dip in the manmade lake amidst the valleys of Murkan Gudda & explore a water fall near the lake. Indoor & outdoor games: Archery, Dart, Target shooting, shuttle cock, mud Volley ball, beach volley ball, Cricket, Chess, Carom

Rope activity : Zipline

Trampoline : A trampoline is a device consisting of a piece of taut, strong fabric stretched over a steel frame using many coiled springs. People bounce on trampolines for recreational and competitive purposes.

Hadlu Waterfalls trekking
Trek through the plantation and forest to reach the cascades of 6 stages of hadlu falls. Enthrall yourself by bathing in the icy waterfalls.

Visit to MaavinaGandi Falls<

Trek through the plantation to reach this fall which falls from 70 feet high and is just 5 minutes walk from the Resort. Enthrall yourself by bathing in the icy waterfalls.

Bird watching :
Unwind your passion of bird watching, pull out your binoculars and try to capture with your digital eye, over 50 species of migratory and resident birds. The Western Ghats are home to over 500 species of birds.

Unlock your fishing gears, relax on the banks of wide flowing river hemavathi, cast bait and hook the fresh water fish.

Jeep Offroading - Big Bend
Distance : 2.5KMS
Description : Jump into the jeep; take a breathtaking ride on the uneven tracks of murkan gudda, kallu gudda and enjoy the panoramic view of Western Ghats. Stop for swimming at the big manmade lake in the mountain valley and explore a water fall. Don't miss the scenic sunset.
You can also take a ride on your own 4 X 4 vehicle. Wild Wagtail offers riders a place to test their skills and abilities on miles of mountain terrain. We provide riders with challenging and rigorous trails that give people of all expertise levels enjoyment.
See majestic Saklespur mountain scenery, native plants, birds and wildlife in a fully customized 4x4 touring Jeep.

Jeep Offroading - Almost Paradise

Distance : Approx 6 KMS
Description : This trail requires lots more skill to get up to the top. This trail takes you to the top of Murkan Gudda. Enjoy the panoramic view of Western Ghats. Get a picture of yourself with the mountain ranges and tea estate behind you.

Saklespur is perfect for off road fun and adventure and you'll find lots of off road trails for motorcycles, horse, dirt bikes, ATVs(All Terrain Vehicle), and 4 wheel drive vehicles. We at Wild Wagtail offer endless trails to explore along with miles and miles of scenic beauty to enjoy. You can go for off road drive in your 4X4 vehicle or If you don't have an off road vehicle, then you should check out these off road ATV and Jeep tours for a fun adventure. This page is dedicated to off roading so load up the ATV, or Jeep and head to one of these trails and enjoy the miles of off road trails in Western Ghats. We offer daily one hour to full day tours, or we can create a custom tour with a picnic, hiking, swimming or fishing. Reservations are required.

Night jeep Drive – Put on some warm clothes, get in to the wilderness, point your torches and look out for the reflecting eyes of commonly found mountain goats and herds of bison hiding in the bushes.

River Hemavati, which starts in the Western Ghats at an elevation of about 1,219 m, is the tributary of the Kaveri River. After originating near Ballala rayana durga in the Chikmagalur District of the state of Karnataka, it flows through Chikmagalur, Hassan District and Mysore District before joining the Kaveri near Krishnarajasagara. Approximately 245 km long, the river is an important contributor to the ecosystem of the town. Owing to the notable temples located near the site, Hemavati Reservoir is also a pilgrimage spot.


Day 1

6 AM Start from Bangalore
10.30AM Check-in at Wild wagtail Adventure Camp
11 AM – 1 PM Trekking to 6 stages of Hadlu Falls
1.30 PM Lunch
3.00 - 6.30 PM Off road jeep drive ( Extra cost), Swimming in manmade lake, (don’t miss the scenic sun set)
7.30 PM Bonfire, Music & Snacks
8.30 PM Dinner & retire for the day.


6.30 AM - 7.30 AM Bird watching
8.00 AM Breakfast
9.30 AM Start from Wild wagtail
11.30 AM Reach Bhadra rafting Camp
11.30 AM – 1.30 PM White water rafting in Bhadra river
2.00 PM Lunch and back to Bangalore
8.30 PM Reach Bangalore

Directions from Bangalore

From Vidhana Soudha(Bangalore) KMS
Hassan 183
Belur 219
Mudigere 255
Kottigehara 267
Magundi 293
Bhadra Rafting Camp 295
From Mysore KMS
Hassan 115
Belur 155
Mudigere 191
Kottigehara 203
Magundi 229
Bhadra Rafting Camp 231
From Chikmagalru KMS
Aldur 18.3
Balehonnur 49.7
Magundi 60.9
Bhadra Rafting Camp 63

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