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RESORT NAME Jungle Green Heritage HomeStay
LOCATION Jungle Greens Home Stay, Nagojannahalli Estate, Mallandur Post, Chickmagalur - 577 130 Karnataka
Distance from Bangalore 265 KMS
TRAVEL TIME 4 Hrs 30 Minutes
ACTIVITIES Campfire, Guided Trekking and plantation walk, indoor & Outdoor games, waterfalls, running streams, Jungle safari in Bhadra Wild Life Santuary.
FACILITIES 5 Comfortable Rooms, Dormitory, cottage overlooking the hills, Hot water facility.
SIGHT SEEING Shooting Gudda, Bandekallu Gudda, Bababudangiri, Kemmangundi, Z- Point, Honnamana Halla Falls, Kallathigiri Waterfalls, Hebbe Falls, Mullayanagiri peak, Manikyadhara waterfalls, Gaalikere, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.


Jungle greens is a heritage home constructed in the year 1956 and the homestay is situated amidst the coffee plantation which is more than 100 years old. Junglegreens is at a distance of about 21 kilometers from Chikmagalur City and near the Bhadra Tiger Reserve. The Homestay is surrounded by Coffee Plantation, Forest, Mountains and a small Stream.

The objective of Jungle greens Homestay is ‘Athithi Devo Bava’. The Homestay was started in the year 2009 and since then thousands of guests including the Foreign guests have stayed at Jungle greens.

The food served in Malnad style and Jungle greens try to serve as per your taste. The host family is reputed family and takes care of each and every guest to make them happy and memorable stay.

So, whatever may be the season come and enjoy the stay at Jungle greens Homestay which is away from the madding crowd and listen to the nature.

The Forest and Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is very close to the Estate and around 242 species of birds and animals are our neighbors of the wild kind. It is therefore a regular occurrence to be greeted by peacocks, spotted deer, mouse deer, sambhar, giant Malabar squirrel, grey jungle fowl parakeets and wood peckers.

If the time’s right, a lucky few can find the great Indian hornbills right within the property!

Accommodation Type

Room Category Types Capacity
Wooden cottage 1 1+3
Standard Room 2 3+1
Deluxe Room 2 3+1
Dormitory 1 12


  • Comfortable Room and living area.
  • Adventure Terrain
  • Yoga & Meditation Zone
  • Trekking Trails
  • Waterfalls
  • Running Water Streams
  • Bonfire and Dining Area

Accommodation Type

Room Category Types Capacity
Couple Rooms 4 2+2
Wooden Cottage - Couple 2 2+2
Wooden Cottage - Dormitory 1 15


  1. 4 X 4 Jeep Offroading: Many surprises greet you along the 7 km drive within our estate. Throughout the stay, experience sudden twists and turns like gushing streams, roaring waterfalls and playful cascades at Homestay. The forest is beckoning from a distance along with the Flora and fauna. Altogether a rush of adrenaline as the adventure overtakes you…
  2. Jungle Safari at Bhadra Wild Life Sanctuary: Safari to the Bhadra Jungle Resort, half day picnic to Bhadra jungle Resort. Visit to Bhadra protected forest museum.
  3. Campfire
  4. Bird watching: Unwind your passion of bird watching, pull out your binoculars and try to capture with your digital eye, over 50 species of migratory and resident birds. The Western Ghats are home to over 500 species of birds.
  5. Visit to Sunset Point
  6. Visit to Water Bodies
  7. Rock climbing
  8. Water falls
  9. Trekking in mountains/forest/coffee plantation
  10. Riverside relax
  11. Fishing in the pond with country rods and hook
  12. Visit to local shandy
  13. Visit to local village and study the local culture
  14. Visit to view points and Cinema Shooting points(sunrise and sunset point)
  15. Visit to local temples
  16. Air rifle shooting
  17. Indoor games such as, Carom, chess, ludo, dart board, etc.,
  18. Outdoor games such as cricket, shuttle, basket ball, tennycoit(in a limited area).
  19. White Water Rafting in Bhadra river (Seasonal)
  20. Water Adventure Sports at Yagachi Dam.


Trek to Bandekal Gudda- 5 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay

Hiking Destination Bandekal Gudda
Location Chikmagaluru, Karnataka, India
Distance from Bangalore to Campsite 265 KMS
Trek Start Point Bandekal Gudda Base
Trek End Point Bandekal Gudda
Hike Time 3 Hours ( To & Fro)
Trekking Distance 2 KMS (one way)
Difficulty Moderate
Elevation 3917 Ft
Range Western Ghats
Highlights scenic beauty, coffee estate and panoramic view of western Ghats, 50 Meters Rock Climbing
Trek to Rudragiri - 5 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
Hiking Destination Rudragiri
Location Chikmagaluru, Karnataka, India
Distance from Bangalore to Campsite 265 KMS
Trek Start Point Rudragiri Base
Trek End Point Rudragiri peak
Hike Time 6 Hours ( To & Fro)
Trekking Distance 5 KMS (one way)
Difficulty Moderate
Elevation 4432 Ft
Range Western Ghats
Highlights scenic beauty, coffee estate and panoramic view of western Ghats.
Trek to Mullayanagiri peak - 41 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay

Quick Facts

Hiking Destination Mullayanagiri peak
Location Chikmagaluru, Karnataka, India
Distance from Bangalore to Campsite 250 KMS
Trek Start Point Sarpadhari
Trek End Point Mullayanagiri Peak
Hike Time 3 - 5 Hours ( To & Fro)
Trekking Distance 5 KMS (one way)
Difficulty Moderate
Elevation 6332 Ft
Range Western Ghats
Highlights Cave, scenic beauty, coffee estate and panoramic view of western Ghats, Highest peak in Karnataka.
Mullayanagiri at 1930 m above sea level is the highest peak in Karnataka, which is located at the Baba Budan Giri Range of the Western Ghats. The base for the trek, Sarpadhari, is further 15 km away from Chikmagaluru. The entire trek is around 5 km and should take about 4 hours.

The road runs amidst coffee estates and dense forests for about half an hour. Sarpadhari or ‘Sarpnidri’ is a small hamlet from where a well-trodden path takes one to the peak. ‘Sarpadhari’ means serpentine path, and it is indicative of the arduous nature of the trek. Cool and windy breeze greets one all along the Mullayanagiri trek trail.

About halfway up the hill, there is a cave. The walls of this cave are multi coloured due to mineral deposits. The cave runs a good distance into the mountain and is infested with bats. The trek continues further up the hill. An ancient Shiva temple perches atop the peak. The view from the peak is breathtaking.

Points To Note

  • The path from Sarpadhari is steep and at times has a 60 degree incline. This trek is definitely not for novices.
  • Mists sweep in without notice in this area, and at times, visibility comes down to less than 10 m.
  • The hillside is prone to stong gusts of wind, which adds to the chill factor.
  • Warm clothing and woollen caps are an absolute must on this trek.
  • This trek is not advisable for people who have fear of heights.
  • Amenities at the top of the hill are mediocre at best. It is advisable for the trekker to carry adequate bottles of water, beverages, and ready-to-eat food.
Bababudangiri Trek - 38 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay.
Hiking Destination Bababudangiri
Location Chikmagaluru, Karnataka, India
Distance from Bangalore to Campsite 250 KMS
Trek Start Point Mullayanagiri Peak
Trek End Point Bababudangiri Dargah
Hike Time 6 – 7 Hours
Trekking Distance 12 KMS
Difficulty Moderate to Difficult
Elevation 6217 Ft
Range Western Ghats
Highlights cave, scenic beauty, coffee estate, Manikyadhara waterfalls, and panoramic view of western Ghats, Highest peak in Karnataka, Bhadra Forest Reserve, Wild Life Sighting.
Bababudanagiri is 12 km on foot from Mullayanagiri. The trek is tiring, and it is advisable to undertake this journey in daylight. The route passes through the Bhadra Forest Reserve and sighting of wild elephants and bears are fairly common in this place.

Hebbe Falls : 76 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay

Hiking Destination Hebbe Falls
Location Chikmagaluru, Karnataka, India
Distance from Bangalore to Campsite 250 KMS
Trek Start Point Kemmangundi
Trek End Point Hebbe Falls
Hike Time 2 -3 Hours (to & Fro)
Trekking Distance 12 KMS
Difficulty Moderate to Difficult
Elevation 6217 Ft
Range Western Ghats
Highlights Scenic beauty, coffee estate, waterfalls and Wild Life Sighting.
Unlike the other waterfalls near Chikmagalur, Hebbe Falls is situated within the coffee estates where the viewers can reach by their vehicles; however, people mainly prefer a refreshing walk. A total of 8 km trek from Kemmanagundi along a steep and narrow paths will take you down to these sprightly falls where pure freezing water flows and falls in a fast pace, and it’s undoubtedly a revitalizing experience to watch the super clean water originating from the rocks and heading towards the ground, offering an opportunity to the people to enjoy a bathe under it.

Being surrounded by a highly dense forest and amid coffee plantations, Hebbe Falls gushes down from 551 feet in two stages to create Dodda Hebbe and Chikka Hebbe (Big and Small Falls.) The herb infused water of this fall promises a relief from the ailments and that encourages the visitors to enjoy a dip in the same.

Wild Life

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary : 15 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary a protected area and a Project Tiger tiger reserve located 38 km (24 mi). northwest of Chikmagalur town. It is Occupying 495 km². of wildlife sanctuary and Project tiger reserve, this region is an important watershed of the Tungabhadra river. The huge reservoir here is the main water supply to several districts in the rain shadow regions of south Karnataka. The forests here are rich in Bamboo and birds species unique to both the Malabar and Sahyadri ranges. Bhadra sanctuary has a wide range of flora and fauna and is a popular place for day outings. The 1,875 m (6,152 ft) above MSL Hebbe Giri is the highest peak in the sanctuary. Bhadra is the first tiger reserve in the country to complete a successful village relocation program.

Wild Life Santuary Bhadra Wild Life Sanctuary
Best Season November to May
Distance from Bangalore 265 KMS
Total Safari Distance 21 KMS
Safari Timings 7 AM – 9AM or 3 PM – 5 PM
Total time required for the activity 2 Hours
What to expect ? Elephant , bison, spotted deer, tiger, leopard, bear and wild boar

Sight Seeing

MUTHODI FOREST - 15 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
BANDEKAL GUDDA - 5 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
JAGRAH FALLS – 20 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
SHOOTING GUDDA - 3 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
Bababudangiri -38 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
Baba Budangiri is one of the highest peaks in Karnataka. This peak can be reached from Chikamagalur, which is around 250 km from Bangalore. Located in the Chikamagalur of Karnataka, Baba Budangiri is famous for its shrine, which is a place of pilgrimage for both Hindus and Muslims.

The Sacred Site of Baba Budangiri Baba Budangiri is a mountain situated at an altitude of 1895 m and a sacred place for both Hindus and Muslims. It is famous for the Dattatreya Peeta a Hindu temple and a Muslim dargah both in the same underground cave. Baba Budan was a 17th century Sufi whose shrine is at Baba Budangiri and Dattatreya is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. History has it that coffee was introduced into India through the Chikamagalur district when the first coffee crop was grown in the Baba Bababudangiri Hills during 1670 AD by this Sufi Baba Budan.

Mullayanagiri - 41 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay

Mullayanagiriis the highest peak of Karnataka state located in Bababudangiri range of Chikmagalur. Mullayanagiri is just 12 Km from Chikmagalaur. Mullayanagiri is part of the Baba Budan Giri Hill Ranges. The height of Mullayanagiri is 6330 ft (1,930 meters) and it is regarded as the highest peak between Himalayas and Nilgiris.

There is a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva on top of the hill. The small hillock in the temple premises is the highest point in Karnataka.

Mullayanagiri is the trekker's paradise. Trekking at this place is a memorable experience. You can enjoy the speed of cold wind that is hitting you.

Manikyadhara Waterfalls -40 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
Just 4 km from the Baba Bababudangiri shrine, one can find a beautiful waterfall named Manikyadhara. People who are bored of normal and easy trekking can try this place as it is not an easy trek definitely. Trekkers can enjoy scenic beauty like plain, lush green, forests and rolling hills. Tourists from all around the worldcome here to see the unique mountain flowers called Kurinji, which blooms in these hill ranges once in every 12 years

Kemmangundi – 72 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
Situated at a height of 1434 meter above sea level, Kemmagundi is located in Tarikere taluk of Chikkamagaluru. If you are passionate about nature and its beauties, this is the place to visit. Lush-green vegetation, mountain streams, waterfalls, mountains, beautifully laid-out ornamental gardens, valleys all add to the beauty of enchantress that is Kemmagundi. The place also offers many peaks to climb and adventurous trekking routes to explore.

Shanti Falls: 76 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
This is a beautiful waterfall on the way to Z-Point in Kemmangundi. Hanumana Gundi Falls: Located 32 km. from the Kalasa, the waterfall has water falling on to Natural rock formations from a height of more than 100 feet.

Z-point: 78 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
Towards the Shanti Falls, tourists will climb a steep uphill that leads to the Z-point, which is highly enchanting and enthralling. It’s basically a vantage spot at Kemmangundi, where mind-blowing sceneries are intended to captivate traveller’s mind.

At the hilltop, the eye catching sunset view creates a romantic aura that is clearly visible from the hilltop. For the adventurous souls, Z point is certainly the place to be where high trekking sites are open for the trekkers who loves to trek through intricate paths. Also, the mind-boggling Ariel view of the Shola grasslands in the undulated Western Ghats will give a magnificent experience to the trekkers that they surely have never had. Also, Z point retains much to offer in terms of rejuvenating the mind, body and soul that visitors will certainly enjoy to the fullest.

Galikere: 41 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
Galikeremeans windy pond. About 1 km from Bababudangiri, this serene lake is set in the midst of high altitude mountains and is bounded by verdant trees. Watching the sunset from this place is a mind-boggling experience.

Kalhatti Falls: 62 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
Just 10 km away from Kemmangundi is Kallahathigiri falls, also known as Kalahasti falls. Water cascades down from the top of the Chandra Drona hill from a height of 122 meters amidst fascinating scenery. There is an old Veerabhadra temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, constructed in a gap between rocks. This temple can be approached after crossing the waterfall. This place is famous for a small temple found between rocks and the waterfalls. People looking for adventure can also trek to the top of the hill from where the water drops.

Hebbe Falls: 76 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
Ten kilometers away is Hebbe Falls, which is a major tourist attraction. It falls from a height of 550 feet and is located inside a coffee estate. One can see the two stages of water, called ‘Dodda Hebbe’ (Big Falls) and ‘Chikka Hebbe’ (Small Falls) and is known for its medicinal properties.

Rock Garden: 72 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
find variety of botanically significant plants here. From this garden, view the setting sun amid green plains and mountains. Tourists can also catch a glimpse of Bhadra Reservoir and its flowing water from Rock Garden.

Water Sports at Yagachi Backwaters : 44 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
Yagachi Water Sports is set in the backwaters of the Yagachi Dam located in Belur about 40 KM from Wild wagtail and offers an array of water sports like; baoting, jet ski, bumpy ride, banana boat, and lot more.

Belur– 47 KMS from Chandramukuta Homestay
Belur is visited for Hoysala era Temples that are renowned for their architecture and visited by tourists all over the world. The Chennakesava Temple is a riverside temple in Belur, erstwhile capital of the Hoysala Empire. Chennakesava is a form of Hindu God Vishnu and the temples are renowned for its temple architecture and visited all round the year by international travellers.

Halebeedu, a small town in the Hassan district of Karnataka, is known for its temples built during Hoysala period. The word Halebeedu means ‘ruined city’; earlier it was called as Dwarasamudra which meant ‘entrance to the ocean’. Halebeedu was the royal capital of the Hoysala Empire in the 12th century. Tourist can see many prominent temples like Hoysaleswara temple, Shantaleshwara temple and Kedareshwara temple which had been built by Ketamala and dedicated to Vishnuvardhana, ruler of Hoysala Empire. The temples are named after the Vishnuvardhana Hoysala and his wife, Queen Shantala.

These temples are built out of Chloritic Schist, a soft stone which allows minute detailing work on the walls of the temple. The sculptures of the temple reveal the usage of ivory and sandalwood in the construction of these temples. The temples are often compared with the temples of Khajuraho because of the heavy carvings and magnificence.


Day 1

12 PM Check-in at Jungle Greens
1.30 PM Lunch
3.00 - 7.00 PM Trekking and 4 X 4 Off- road jeep drive ( Extra cost), don’t miss the scenic sun set
7.30 PM Bonfire
8.30 PM Dinner & retire for the day.


1.30 AM - 7.30 AM Bird watching & Photography
8.30 AM Breakfast
9.30 AM - 1.30 PM Outdoor Games and Visit to Waterfalls
2.30 PM Lunch
3.30 PM Checkout after tea or coffee

Getting There

Address : CJungle Greens Home Stay, Nagojannahalli Estate, Mallandur Post, Chickmagalur - 577 130 Karnataka

Route Details: From Bangalore -Kunigal - Channaraya Patna - Hassan - Belur - Chikmagalur , take left at NMC circle in Chikmagalur towards Mallandur road, its 18km from here. Reach Mallandur, from mallandur 2 KM towards Muttodi Forest Road, right side you will find board Jungle green Home stay. From The Sign board again travel 1km to reach home stay.

Distance Meter

From Bangalore KMS
Hassan 183
Belur 221
Chikmagalur 244
Mallundur 262
Chandramukuta Homestay 265

Distance Meter

From Mysore KMS
Hassan 115
Belur 153
Chikmagalur 178
Mallandur 196
Chandramukuta Homestay 1199

Where to Eat

Vidhatha Dhaba: Veg & Nov-Veg
Location: On the Left hand side of Bangalore – Mangalore Highway before reaching Hassan from Bangalore.

Shark Food Court: Veg & Non-veg
Shark Food Court a Family Garden Resturant on NH48 Kunigal Road, 20 Km before Kunigal town and 10km after Solur junction on off Bangalore - Mangalore Highway on left side as a attached Dosa Camp resturant in its outer premises which operates from morning 6;30 AM to 12 PM only. After 12PM Shark Food Resturant starts its operating till 11:30 PM. Dosa camp serves hot tatte idlis with masala vada, varieties of dosas and spicy palaav or Tomato Bath. Tatte idlis are very special among the other dishes, which is served with veg sagu, green and red coconut chutney. Dosas are also very popular.

Out Travel Partner:
For any kind of the travel requirement please contact our travel Partner. Vehicles Available: Mini & Large Coaches and cars like Indica, Indigo, Logan, Swift Dzire, Etios, Qualis, Tavera, Xylo, Innova and vans like Tempo Travelers, Mazda & Mini Coach. A tour in charge will stay in touch with you to make sure everything is going according to the plan and that you are enjoying holiday.

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