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Hiking Destination Kumara Parvatha or Pushpagiri or Subramanya hills
Location Pushpagiri mountains, Somwarpet Taluk, Kodagu District, Karnataka
Distance from Bangalore to Campsite 258 KMS
Hike Time 4-5 Hours(To & Fro)
Trekking Distance 10KMS (one way)
Difficulty High
Elevation 5617 Ft
Range Western Ghats
Highlights Forests, cliffs, rock formationCaves, unique rock formation, lake, waterfalls and fantastic view of western Ghats, beautiful sunrise and sunset.

Trek to Kumaraparvatha

Pushpagiri or Kumara Parvatha, at 1,712 metres (5,617 ft), is the highest peak in Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. It is located in the Somwarpet Taluk, 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Somwarpet in the northern part of Kodagu district. This mountain is on the border between Dakshina Kannada and Kodagu districts.

The Pushpagiri or Subramanya Hills is the 2nd highest peak of Kodagu.
About 36 kilometres (22 mi) from Somwarpet and 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) from Kumaralli, it is located amid the jungle.

Trekking can be done from the base, Bhagati, which is a 10 km, three-hour walk. Otherwise, trekkers can cross Subramanya, located in Dakshina Kannada district of Pushpagiri Range. The trekking zone can be approached from Pushpagiri or from Kumaraparvat peaks.

Eastern entrance can be obtained from Beedehalli via Heggademane temple and Western entrance from Kukke Subramanya via Giri gadde. However, the entrance through Beedehalli is less strenuous.

The entrance from Kukke Subramanya is located the sea level.


Option 1

Distance from The Karle Home stay to kumara Parvatha – 75 KMS
Resort Name THE KARLE Home STAY
Location Karle, Sakleshpur, Hassan district, Karnataka, India
Distance from Bangalore 190 KMS
Travel Time 3 Hrs 30 Mins
Facilities 4 Bed room Estate Villa, Tented accommodation, Camping in the island formed with hemavathi backwaters.
Activities Campfire, Music, Fishing, Kayaking, Coracle ride in the backwaters of Hemavathi River, Rope activities, Zip line, Swimming with life jackets, Bird watching, Photography, Outdoor Games – Archery, Target Shooting, Volley ball, shuttle cock, Kids play area.
Sight Seeing Gorur Dam, Belur, Halebeedu, The ruins of the Holy Rosary Church in Shettyhalli, Yagachi Dam, Bisile view point, Gavibetta. Honnamanakere.

Activities @ Karle

  • Bird watching
  • Campfire & music
  • Bamboo Raft
  • Swimming with life jackets
  • Plantation walk
  • Hiking
  • Coracle ride - Coracles are local fishing crafts that are circular and ideal for navigating these waters. The coracle ride on the river not only helps you to gauge the myriad moods of the river, but also gives you a fish-eye view of the surrounding forest and the habitation, and allows you to be a small part of the ebb and flow of riverine life. The purpose of this activity is to allow the visitor to experience the river by bringing him in direct contact with it. The visitor will get to experience the many moods of the river as she drifts by.
  • Tube rafting - In tubing all u hae to do is layback and relax on plastic float tube and drift along the river splashing and boobing with the flow of the river.
  • Joy fishing
  • Rope activities & zipline
  • Outdoor games
  • Kids play area
  • Island Camping
  • Tree climbing & canopy activities

Sight Seeing

Sakleshpur offers many sightseeing options to tourists. Manjarabad fort which is located close to Sakleshpura on National Highway 48 is a prime attraction of the hill station. Constructed by Tippu Sultan the fort was used as a strategic defensive location. It is said that Tippu Sultan also constructed a tunnel from Manjarabad fort to another fort in Srirangapattana.

Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, a famous temple dedicated to Lord Subramanyeshwara is another most visited attraction. There are also shrines dedicated to Saraswati Devi and Lord Ganesha near the temple.

Bisle Ghat provides a majestic view of the surrounding mountain ranges. Located next to the Bisle Ghat, Bisle Reserve Forest is another attraction. The region surrounding Sakleshpur is also home to some famous trekking trails, most notably the Green Route.

  • Manzarabad Fort – 55 KMS & 1 Hr 15 minutes drive from The Karle
  • Water Sports at Yagachi Backwaters : 75 KMS & 100 minutes drive from The Karle
Yagachi Water Sports is set in the backwaters of the Yagachi Dam located in Belur about 75 KM from The Karle and offers an array of water sports like; baoting, jet ski, bumpy ride, banana boat, and lot more.

  • Bisile View Point and nature Reserve - 60 minutes drive from The Karle
  • Shettyhalli :. The ruins of the Holy Rosary Church in Shettihalli are partially submerged in water. This church was built by the French in 1860.
Shettyhalli located 13 kms from Hassan is home to the famous Drowning church built by French missionaries in 1860 for the wealthy British estate owners. It was built on the backwaters of Hemavathi Reservoir. The ruins of the church disappear under water during monsoon and resurface with the changing season.

The backwater also provides spectacular sunset view and is also good for angling.

  • Gorur Dam - 10 minutes drive from the karle
  • Belur / Halebid – 60 KMS 75 minutes drive from The Karle
  • Kukke Subramanya – 85 KMS & 120 minute drive from The Karle
  • Dharmasthala – 132 KMS & 150 minutes drive from The Karle

Day 1

12 PM Check-in at The Karle home stay
1.30 PM Lunch
2.30 - 6.30 PM Rope activities, Swimming in the river with life jackets, Outdoor games, coracle ride.
7.30 PM Bonfire, Music & Dance
8.30 PM Dinner & retire for the day.


6.30 AM - 7.30 AM Bird watching & Photography
8.00 AM Breakfast
9.30AM - 12.30 PM Kumara Parvatha Trek
2.30 PM Lunch & Checkout

Getting There

Address : The Karle Homestay, Karle village Sakleshpur Taluk, Hassan District, Karnataka, India. 520021

Directions :
Bangalore -> Nelamangala -> Kunigal -> Channarayapatna -> Agrahara Gate -> ( Take right) -> Mysore – Hassan -> Hangaralli -> Karle Village -> The karle Homestay

Bangalore -> Nelamangala -> Kunigal -> Channarayapatna -> Holenarsipur ( Take right) -> Mysore – Hassan Road -> Hangaralli -> Karle Village -> The karle Homestay

Bangalore -> Nelamangala -> Kunigal -> Channarayapatna -> Hassan -> Hangaralli -> Karle Village -> The karle Homestay

Bangalore -> Nelamangala -> Kunigal -> Channarayapatna -> Hassan -> Gorur-> Karle Village -> The karle Homestay

Distance Meter

From Bangalore KMS
Channarayapatna 146
Holenaraipura 169
Hangarahalli 180
Karle Village 189
The Karle Home stay 190

Distance Meter

From Mysore KMS
Holenarasipura 85
Hangarahalli 99
Karle Village 108
The Karle Home stay 109

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