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LOCATION Tholpetty Wild Life Santuary, Waynad, Kerala.
Distance from Bangalore 250 KMS
TRAVEL TIME 4 Hours 30 Minutes
ACTIVITIES Swimming pool, campfire, rain dance, music, Night Jeep safari, Tholpetty Jungle safari, trekking.
FACILITIES 10 wild life cottages, swimming pool, intercom, internet, 24hrs hot water facility, ample parking, Multi cuisine Restaurant.
SIGHT SEEING Irrupu falls, Banasura Sagar Dam, Kuruva island, Thirunelveli temple, Kabini elephant camp, Edakal caves, pookat lake.


Wake up into a misty cool morning.
Chase the chirpings of birds.
Listen to the whispers of the stream.
Enjoy the pristine beauty and enchanting wilderness of nature.There are only a very few things in this hectic world that offers pure indulgence and relaxation. Fortunately wildlife Resorts is one amongst them.

Facilities at Wild Life Resort

  • Lush green surroundings
  • Swimming Pool
  • Multi Cuisine Restaurant
  • 10 individual cottages with TV
  • Campfire area
  • Well maintained modern toilets
  • 24 hours hot water
  • Music
  • Kids play Area
  • Rain Dance
  • Intercom & Internet
  • Spacious private parking area
  • Pick up and drop facilities
Authentic Kerala & Coorg Cuisine. Non Veg dishes like Pork Curry & Kadubittu (Rice Steamed Bumplings), Chicken Curry.

Homemade Wine & Tody. Homemade wines and Tody are available on request.


  • Cold weather (December-February)
  • Hot weather (March-May)
  • south west monsoon (June-September)
  • North east monsoon(October-November)
Climate data for wayanad
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 21.1 (70) 22.4 (72.3) 25 (77) 27.5 (81.5) 28.9 (84) 25.5 (77.9) 23.3 (73.9) 23.5 (74.3) 22.1 (71.8) 22.7 (72.9) 21.8 (71.2) 21.6 (70.9) 23.78 (74.81)
Daily mean °C (°F) 17 (63) 19.6 (67.3) 25 (77) 25.6 (78.1) 25.9 (78.6) 20.3 (68.5) 19.3 (66.7) 19.5 (67.1) 19.6 (67.3) 19.2 (66.6) 18.3 (64.9) 17.8 (64) 20.59 (69.09)
Average low °C (°F) 7 (45) 13.7 (56.7) 13.1 (55.6) 16.5 (61.7) 17.8 (64) 16.9 (62.4) 15.3 (59.5) 15 (59) 14.7 (58.5) 13.9 (57) 10 (50) 8 (46) 13.49 (56.28)


Eco tourism programme’s
Elephant Camp Visit Balle Elephant camp, Kabini
Bird watching (7 am. to 10 am) Tholpetty, Kabini, Nagarahole
Trekking (3 hrs, 6 hrs) Pakshipathalam, Brahmagiri hills, Abailu anti-poaching camp
Jeep safarie Tholpetty Wild Life santuary
Tribal Folklore Kabini
Paid Forest Camp Abailu anti-poaching camp

In-House Activities

  • Rain Dance
  • Swimming Pool
  • Indoor & Outdoor Games
  • Bonfire


Trek to Karekaadu falls (Abailu Anti-poaching camp) – 35 KMS from Wild Life Resort
Location Brahmagiri, South Coorg, Karnataka
Distance from Homestay 280 KMS
Hike Time 2 - 3 Hours ( To & Fro)
Trekking Distance 3 KMS (one way)
Difficulty Moderate
Elevation 5276 Ft
Range Western Ghats
Highlights Waterfalls, lake, scenic beauty, tea estate and panoramic view of western Ghats
Forest Department Permission Required
Trek to Pakshipathalam – 15 KMS from Wild Life Resort
Location Brahmagiri Hills, Thirunelly, Wayanad Dist. Kerala
Distance from Bangalore to Homestay 255 KMS
Hike Time 8 Hours ( to-n-fro)
Trekking Distance 16 KMS ( to-n-fro)
Difficulty Difficult
Elevation 1740 mtrs / 5705 ft
Range Western Ghats
Highlights Mountain top, scenic beauty, Forest, cave, waterfalls, watch tower, huge rocks and wild Life
Forest Department Permission Required
Situated at an altitude of 1740m and accessible only by trekking, Pakshipathalam is home to several species of birds and is an ornithologist's paradise. It is located in the Brahmagiri Hills near Thirunelly. There is a cave here, which according to legend, was used by rishis (saints) for meditation in ancient times, has become a major attraction for tourists.

Meenmutty Falls
Meenmutty falls is among the best and gorgeous falls in Wayanad Kalpetta. Wayanad comprises of some of the beautiful falls in Kerala. The must visit falls in Wayanad are the Meenmutty Falls, the Kanthampuram Falls, and the Suchipara Falls. Meenmutty falls is 29 kilometre far from the Wayanad Kalpetta. Meenmutty fall is a 300 metre high fall and is three-tiered. Meenmutty fall, the biggest and magnificent falls in Wayanad is situated at two kilometre hike through the forest from the Ooty road.

Meenmutty falls is the second largest in Kerala and still retains its natural beauty. Now let’s see the name reason for Meenmutty fall. In Malayalam, the mother tongue of Keralites, Meenmutty means "where fish are blocked". Since there is upward falls where fishes can’t swim further this name is given to the falls. The three tiers of the waterfall requires separate hike through the forest. It is important to note that the path to reach the falls is perilous and tiring. But you must also remember that once you reach the falls you will have great deal of enjoyment in store.

To reach the Meenmutty falls we need to trek for two to three kilometers. The 300 meter high falls is really splendid and wonderful. There are picturesque locations in the way to the falls, so just don’t forget to carry your handy cams so that you can shoot scenic views. Remember to include Meenmutty falls in your tour menu for the next time you visit Wayanad.

Meenmutty Falls Trekking – 69 KMS from Wild Life Resort
Location Kozhikode – Gudalur Highway, Wayanad Dist. Kerala
Distance from Bangalore to Campsite 277 KMS
Hike Time 2 - 3 Hours
Trekking Distance 2 KMS (one way)
Difficulty high
Elevation 5276 Ft
Range Western Ghats
Highlights Beautiful view, waterfalls
Forest Department Permission Not Required
Trek to Brahmagiri – 11 KMS from Wild Life Resort
Location Brahmagiri, South Coorg, Karnataka
Distance from Bangalore to Campsite 270 KMS
Hike Time 5 Hours
Trekking Distance 7 KMS (one way)
Difficulty Difficult
Elevation 5276 Ft
Range Western Ghats
Highlights Mountain top, scenic beauty, Forest, cave, lake, waterfalls and wild Life
Forest Department Permission Required

Sight Seeing

Iruppu waterfall - 11 KMS from Wild Life Resort
Iruppu waterfall is one of Coorgs major tourist attractions. Iruppu is a sacred place and is located in south Coorg on the Brahmagiri range of hills. River Lakshmana-tirtha flows nearby. According to legends Rama and Lakshmana, passed this way in search of Sita. Lakshmana shot an arrow into the Brahmagiri hills and brought into being the river Lakshmana tirtha when Rama asked him to fetch some water.

The river descends into a water fall known as the Irupu Falls and takes a 60 meter plunge down the river amidst the lushy green mountain.

Kuruva island 21 KMS from Wild Life Resort
Kuruva Islands are uninhabited and is situated in the middle of Kabani River. Kuruva Island offers a small and undisturbed forest which is suitable for a relaxing tour. The local population inhabiting the surroundings of Kuruva Island preserves the island and guides the tourists about responsible tourism.

The major recreational activity that could be carried out in this island is a relaxing walk enjoying the nature’s beauty. It is essential to note that as a part of eco tourism, partying, or picnic is not allowed in the island. But you can always enjoy the pure natural environment prevailing in this island near Mananthavady. This island is a best sample for a natural rainforest. You can also take a guided tour of this island, with the help of local guide arranged by the authorities.

Banasura Sagar Dam – 47 KMS from Wild Life Resort
Banasura Sagar Dam situated at twenty one kilometer from Wayanad Kalpetta is located in the Western Ghats area. It is the second largest earthen dam in whole of Asia and is an excellent trekking spot for Wayanad tourists. It is a major tourist attraction and has the distinction of being an eye-catching picnic spot. The Banasura Sagar project is very much liked by Upavan’s multicultural tourist guests.

Banasura Sagar dam is built across the tributary Karamanthodu of the calm and beautiful river Kabani. The reservoir is spread over a group of small, green islands. While on trip to the Banasura Sagar dam, you should never forget to take a boat trip and view the majestic Banasura Hills in the backdrop. This scenic view point will be a pleasurable experience that could be cherished for years to come.

Thirunelly temple – 9 KMS from Wild Life Resort
Thirunelly temple is a Wayanad temple which serves as a remarkable spiritual tour spot. Thirunelly temple located at 9 KMS from Wild Life Resort is located adjacent to Brahmagiri hill located in Kerala. The principal deity of this temple is lord Vishnu. Thirunelly temple is positioned at about 900 meters height above mean sea level. Thirunelli is a Wayanad temple surrounded by mountains and beautiful woods.

The history of Thirunelly temple dates back to 3000 years and the temple has granite columns to protect it. There is stream by the name Papanashini nearby Thirunelly temple. Papanashini is considered to destroy the sins of pilgrims who take bath in it. Thirunelli temple in Wayanad is a must see for Hindu pilgrims visiting Kerala.
Kabini Elephant camp, Balle - 37 KMS from Wild Life Resort

Waynad View Point 67 KMS from Wild Life Resort
This is the first point when we enter into the enchanting place - the district of wayanad.... Its excellent to be here in the evening to see sun setting down the earth and equally breath taking if you can manage to reach this place by early morning to see the sunrise... You can see the misty clouds hovering over the hill tops yet the U pin bended roads to reach the hill top enthralls your instincts...

Chain Tree 65 KMS from Wild Life Resort
Chain tree Wayanad has an interesting story behind it. Chain tree is a fascinating tourist spot. This chain tree is neighboring to Vythiri. You need to visit this chain tree to know the myth behind this spot. Chain tree Wayanad is a large Ficus tree. The specialty about the large Ficus tree in Wayanad is that it is bound by a prominent chain. This serves as a source of a dramatic local myth. As per the myth, Karinthandan, an adivasi youth guided a British Engineer to the perilous mountain region to Wayanad. But in order to take the full credit for the discovery, it seems that the Engineer murdered Karinthandan. After his death his soul haunted the subsequent visitors to Wayanad. It seems that a priest chained the bothersome spirit into this tree.

Wayanad tourist should visit this chain tree to know more about its background. This chain tree closer to Vythiri is a legendary tourist spot in Wayanad.

Edakkal Caves 63 KMS from Wild Life Resort
If you are an art lover do not miss out Edakkal caves while visiting Wayanad. Edakkal cave is a captivating prehistoric cave located near Sulthan Bathery. The excellent rock engravings found on the cave walls have drawn attention of worldwide historians and archaeologists. Edakkal caves comprise of three distinct sets of petroglyphs. Archeologists suggest that these cave etchings date back to at least 5000 years. Edakkal caves have been inhabited at various historic stages.

In Malayalam, Edakkal literally refers to “a stone in between”. The term Edakkal is used to denote how the cave is formed in a fissure in the rock. Some consider the carvings as handiwork of Kurumbars tribes of Wayanad. This cave is indeed an archaeological treasure with undiscovered historic facts. This cave is also an excellent trekking spot. Edakkal cave in Sulthan Bathery is an excellent historic treasure which is yet to be completely explored.

Pookot lake - 62 KMS from Wild Life Resort
Pookot lake Wayanad at a close distance to Vythiri is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous tourist spot in the entire location. The lake is cuddled up in the surrounding lap of mountains. The tall trees and dense woods that surround the pathway of the lake provide a memorable visual treat. There is also a freshwater aquarium near the lake which displays colorful and beautiful fishes.

Near Pookot lake Wayanad there is a Children's Park and shopping centre for handiwork and spices. These shopping centers are maintained by District Tourism Promotion Council. These facilities provide recreational activities to the visitors. Children will love this excellent calm and beautiful location and will enjoy the colorful display of fishes.

Wild Life

Tholpetty Wayanad Sanctuary - 0.5 KMS from Wild Life Resort
Tholpetty Wayanad is a Wildlife Sanctuary situated at thirteen kilometer distance from Thirunelly. Tholpetty Wayanad is on the road to Kodagu located in Karnataka. Wayanad wild life sanctuary Tholpetty is located at one end of Muthunga. The Sanctuary at the lower end of Muthunga and Tholpetty Sanctuary comprise Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Children will enjoy visiting this sanctuary and seeing different kinds of wildlife and avifaunal species. The elephant population of the sanctuary is close to 900. Other kinds of animals that can be seen in the sanctuary are spotted deer, boar, langurs, and bisons. Tourist guide who will guide you through the sanctuary is found at the entrance of this sanctuary. A two hour safari by jeep is arranged by the forest department into the park. The timings allotted for tourists to explore this sanctuary is between 7 to 9 AM in morning and 3 to 5 PM in the evening. It is mandatory that a guide should accompany you.

Wayanad wild life sanctuary Tholpetty is a brilliant trekking spot where you can explore a lot. The types of deers seen here are red deer and spotted deer. You can also view wild boar, peacocks and peahens. During their courting season, male peacock exhibits its brightly colored tail fully wide open. You can also spot Indian Bison and monkeys. Some rare kind of snakes can also been seen in Wayanad wild life sanctuary Tholpetty located near Mananthavady.

Major Attractions: Asian Elephants and Gaurs.
The best season to visit: November to May, when animals from the neighboring Bandipur, Nagarhole and Mudamalai frequent this sanctuary due to scarcity of water elsewhere.

Safari in Tholpetty
  • INR 550 Per Jeep (Can accommodate up to 7 people)
  • INR 75 per person
  • Camera Fee Extra
Timings : 7 am to 9 am and 3 pm to 5 pm.

The Safaris in the Nagarhole National Park - 15 KMS from Wild Life Resort
For wild life explorers, there are innumerable options to move around the park. Jeeps can be rented to take a drive through the park. To have a more intricate view of the park, you can opt to go for an elephant ride. Hiking trails here can be very exciting but this excitement is restricted to a small area as you may become prey of a tiger with bright eyes, waiting for you behind the bushes. If you ask, the best way then jeeps are the obvious answer.

Safari in Nagarahole
Entry fee is Rs 300 per head ( Bus Safari)

Timings :7 am to 9 am and 3 pm to 5 pm.

Getting There

There are different routes to reach Tholpetty.
  1. Bangalore -> Mysore -> hunsur -> Nagarahole Wild Life Sanctuary -> Kutta -> Waynad wild Life sanctuary, Tholpetty.
    In this route you will pass through veeranahosalli wild life range, Kallahallai Wild Life range and Nagarahole wildlife range.
  2. Bangalore -> Mysore -> HD Kote -> Murkal -> Nagarahole -> Kutta -> Tholpetty.
    In this route you will pass through veeranahosalli wild life range, Kallahallai Wild Life range and Nagarahole wildlife range.
  3. Bangalore -> Mysore -> HD Kote -> Balle Elephant Camp ( Kabini)-> Bavali -> Kattikkulam -> Tholpetty.
    In this route you will pass through Metikuppe wildlife Range, Balle Range, D.B.Kuppe Range, Begur Reserve forest, Kattikkulam reserve Forest and Tholpetty Range.
All the above routes are well known for Elephant herds, Indian gaur, spotted deer and if you are lucky you can spot a leopard or tiger.

To enjoy the wildlife, Campfire Circle suggests to try both the routes. Reach us by Nagarahole route and while getting back to Bangalore you can go via kabini.

Getting there: Ooty

Distance Meter

From Bangalore KMS
Mysore 140
Hunsur 185
Nagarahole 230
Kutta 144
Tholpetty 247.5
Wild Life Resort 248.2

Distance Meter

From Mysore KMS
Hassan 115
Sakleshpur 156
Hanbal 174
Agani Village 179
Wild Wagtail Adventure Camp 180

Where to Eat:

365 Smiles Restaurant (Veg and Non-Veg) Phone 9241111244 | 9738386489
Bogadi Ring Road, Bogadi, Mysore. ( opposite GLN Convention Hall)
365 Smiles is a multi-cuisine Outdoor restaurant on Mysore Ring Road, Mysore. In fact, 365 Smiles Restaurant is catering North Indian, South Indian and Chinese food to its customers.
It opens from 7 am to 11 pm. The ambience of the restaurant is very cozy with Green Lawn and Pergola Tents.
Facilities : Huge parking area and Toilets

Vaishali Restaurant
Vaishali Restaurant is one of the multi-cuisine restaurants on Bangalore-Mysore highway. In fact, Vaishali is catering traditional Andhra style food to its customers. Vaishali is a drive-in restaurant located in Mallur Hobli, Channapatna Taluk, Ramanagara District on Bangalore-Mysore highway.

Vaishali entertains vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian gourmets. It opens from 7 am to 11 pm.

The ambience of the restaurant is very cozy. It provides a very good parking space and the area is fully lit with floodlights.

Must Try : Nati Koli (Desi Murg), Leg soup and Neer Dosa.

Facilities : Huge parking area and neat toilets

Mc Donald :
The world famous fast food chain is around 10kms after Maddur, driving towards Bangalore. Comes on right side. Got the usual menu. Who has appetite for western fast food, its heaven. It has everything, to make it a perfect highway stop.
Facilities : Huge parking area, petrol pump and neat toilets

Shivalli Restaurant :
Shivalli Restaurant is located on the 67th KM between channapatna and maddur, exactly between Bangalore and Mysore.

Cuisine :Udupi style
Speciality : kadabu, Kharabath, Masala Dosa and Hot Filter coffee.

Facilities :Huge parking area and toilets

Baburaykoppal – Jai Bhuvaneshwari Military Hotel
The staple in this area are giant ball of cooked ragi. The Mutton chops and chicken are served separately from the gravy which is very spicy. Flavoured with cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves the meat is a blend of sweet and spicy, cooked to just the right level of tenderness.

JB Hotel has a small eating room and serves only Non-vegetarian food, but if you order vegetarian food, you will be served vegetarian Thali from a hotel across the road.

Specialities :Ragi Ball and Mutton Chops

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